Getting the job done

Having an arsenal of tools in your digital shed is a reassuring feeling. If one isn't making a living from one's output, the cost of proprietary software is prohibitive in this field. There are subscription deals, and software that costs many thousands of pounds. This page is about some of the tools I've come across to make my life easier and cheaper!

2D Graphics

Before I started messing around with 3D workflows I was a digital photographer. If one wants to edit raster images the industry standard is of course Photoshop. But Photoshop costs and one can never really own it, only rent it. How would I feel if I went to B&Q to buy some paint and when I took it to the till they asked me how long I wanted it for? Ok, a hammer then, if that makes a better analogy.

As well as the subscription, there is the Creative Cloud software that is annoyingly resistant to being uninstalled. The Adobe software itself is undeniably powerful and has, without question, dictated how digital creative tools should work in

Here are the tools that I've found which get the job done, either for free or without costly subscriptions ...

Scratch that, the dog has been ill - I'll come back to this later!

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